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       BHAVISHYA - THE WAY AHEAD is an attempt to take India a step ahead by imparting education to the young, brilliant and underprivileged children of India.

       We are a group of committed professionals, relentlessly trying to transform the lives of those young twinkling eyes, who unfortunately do not have access to basic education.

       Education is the backbone of a progressive nation and the basic right of every child .

       We are a team , concerned about children, who have that burning desire within them to study, and become independent individuals of a progressive India but are handicapped due to the lack of financial support. We take care of their economic instability to gear them up for their bright future .

       We are constantly on the lookout for such bright eyes, which dream of education. Our aim is to make their dreams come true.

        A team of committed members, who understand the situation of such children, carefully analyse each case that we identify. We consider each child a part of our BHAVISHYA family.

        Our motto is to take INDIA ----The Way Ahead by assuring each child about their better BHAVISHYA..


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We have some sponsors associated with BHAVISHYA who personally take up the cases of the children enrolled with us and guide them through. Our volunteers are well settled hailing from different parts of the country. Their support gives each child an assurance and warmth that is required for their academic excellence and intellectual progress. BHAVISHYA is open for new volunteers who wish to join us in bringing about a small change in the Rural Middle India.

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